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Trusted Counselling in the Shoalhaven

Culburra Counselling offers experienced, qualified, accredited and confidential counselling face to face and online. Together we develop personal and practical strategies to navigate your current situation to live a more peaceful, fulfilling and contented life.


Together we explore your feelings, thoughts and behaviours so you can align your life with what you truly desire. Challenges may include anger, anxiety, stress, depression, relationships, separation, grief, parenting or substance use.

Children & Teenagers

If your child’s behaviour, emotions or social development are concerning you we can help. We use a range of approaches to help improve your child’s emotional regulation, self-esteem, communication and resilience.


We help couples and families understand their relationships, how they feel about each other, what they truly want and how to communicate effectively. We collaboritively explore changes that can be made to create more harmonious relationships.

“Martin was great – insightful and helped me see my life in a more positive manner” – ZP

Culburra Counselling is owned by Martin Billingham.
Martin has over 15 years of counselling experience and is a member of the Australian Counselling Association.

Our Doors are Open to All

Culburra Counselling focuses on helping you work out what you truly want and find the best and individualized way to access your full potential. As you are the expert on you, we collaborate to plan and implement changes, regardless of who you are or what your concerns may be.




I have had many counselling sessions before but with Martin I felt heard without judgement in a way that made me feel positive about my experiences and emotions, which enabled me to want to share more and explore my identity.



Martin didn’t try to fix anything…… but I got solutions.


When I did not know which way too turn to heal my broken heart I called upon Martin.. the experience was a beautiful relaxing meditative transmission of positive energy during which Martin asked me to focus on my intentions