Culburra Counselling is located in the seaside village of Culburra Beach, 20 minutes from Nowra. This beautiful location allows sessions in our counselling room, internet based sessions, or as a walk and talk on the beach or in the bush which are also great for relaxation, mindfulness and reconnecting with nature.

What We're About

At Culburra Counselling we are focused on providing the highest quality counselling services that are uniquely designed to your needs. This involves the integration of a number of client centred counselling approaches such as narrative, acceptance and commitment, relaxation and play therapies to achieve optimal outcomes.
Martin Billingham

Martin Billingham

Martin has 15 years private counselling experience and is accredited with the Australian Counselling Association.
He originally trained as a Transpersonal Counsellor and has worked in adult, child and couples counselling with mainstream and Indigenous organisations.
Previously, Martin worked as an engineer, primary school teacher and ecologist (gaining his PhD from Oxford in 1999).

Our Doors are Open to All

Culburra Counselling focuses on helping you work out what you truly want and find the best and individualized way to access your full potential. As you are the expert on you, we collaborate to plan and implement changes, regardless of who you are or what your concerns may be.