Training, Workshops & Clinical Supervision

Accidental Counsellor

“Accidental Counsellor” is a two day workshop for health workers and professionals who find themselves in one on one situations with clients and would like to fine tune their communication, rapport and support skills. The workshop is designed and delivered by Martin to enhance your core counselling skills, within a larger framework, and yet retain your unique approach and “flavour” of how you do things.

The Hero's Journey

This transformative workshop begins with participants mapping a life transition they are experiencing, or have previously experienced. Significant events before, during and after this transition are noted. Participants can be at any stage of the journey with the “after” situation imagined/visualised. Next, symbols, metaphors and images associated with the events are mapped onto the journey and then written as a myth with the participant as the central character (Hero). Finally, participants employ props to act out their journey and embody their transformation and wisdom.

Clinical Supervision

Martin has over ten years experience in clinical supervision both privately and in a number of organisations. Martin’s approach is person centred and relates to the supervisee’s worldview whether it be mainstream (e.g. Cognitive Behaviour, Narrative & Solution Focussed Therapies) or more alternate (e.g. Mindfulness, Visualisations, Focussing, Dream Work). He has supervised psychologists, counsellors, case workers, group workers, university students and outreach professionals both individually and in small groups.

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Our Doors are Open to All

Culburra Counselling focuses on helping you work out what you truly want and find the best and individualized way to access your full potential. As you are the expert on you, we collaborate to plan and implement changes, regardless of who you are or what your concerns may be.